Action Energy Company was established in 2014 to attend to all the Upstream operations services in the state of Kuwait in particular and the GCC region at large.

Currently the Company is successfully operating in the following services fields in the state of Kuwait:

  • Onshore Drilling
  • Coiled Tubing
  • Pumping
  • Nitrogen Lifting and Associated Services
  • Cementing
  • Mud Engineering

The company is an emerging onshore drilling company that provides drilling services to the oil and natural gas industry. It possess one of the newest and most technologically advanced fleet in the Middle East. Our Rigs (1500 HP) are all state-of-the-art, high specification units, which benefit from a proven design and highly developed construction techniques. ADCO is expanding further into deep drilling business in joint venture with its international partner KCA Deutag, with 2 new deep drill rigs (3000 HP).


Action Energy formed a joint venture in the Middle East with CPVEN Venezuela. With the ability to provide a multitude of services encompassing all aspects of the oil and gas industry - CPVEN OILSERVICES Middle East' capabilities cut across the entire oil and gas value chain, enabling us to provide lasting, integrated solutions to our clients.

CPVEN OILSERVICES Middle East covers three major well services works which are Cementing, Mud Engineering, and Coiled Tubing:

In addition to an earlier US$ 55 million coil tubing contract awarded in 2016, Kuwait Oil Company awarded CPVEN OILSERVICES with new contracts:

  • Cementing and Associated Services for Drilling and Workover operations (Cementing Services) US$ 72 million,
  • Drilling and Completion Fluids, Products and Services (Mud Services) US$ 85 million

Currently, the total contracts value in hand is over US$ 200 million.


Key Highlights Of Action Energy


Action Energy RIG 15 and RIG 16 achieved 1 year FREE LTI Safety award with Kuwait Oil Company for 2016-17

RIG 15 was awarded as “ Rig of the Year for KOC Development drilling Group 1 ” for 2017 (Best performance, Most wells drilled, Safety award).

RIG 16 was awarded as “Best performing rig for KOC development drilling Team IV” for 2017

Both rigs hold several records for Drilling milestones :

  • Record Bit runs

  • Record Rig moves


Our Services

Rigs & Integrated Services

The company possesses one of the newest and most technologically advanced fleets in the Middle East. Our Rigs are all state-of-the-art, high specification units, which benefit from a proven design and highly developed construction techniques. Our rigs range from 1,500 HP to 3,000 HP and offer drilling capabilities for all types of wells with depths up to 6000 m. Our fleet includes truck-mounted, fast-moving rigs ideal for both light and heavy workover and drilling campaigns. All our rigs are equipped with a full edge mud system that can handle normal drilling activities.

Action Energy is expanding into the deep drilling business in a joint venture with its international partner KCA Deutag, with 2 new deep drill rigs (3000 HP).

In addition, we provide a one-stop solution that includes managing the full spectrum of services involved in the upstream operations, from the provision of the rig to completion and testing of the well.


Coiled Tubing

We have extensive coiled tubing experience in stimulation, nitrogen lifting, fishing, milling, clean-out, scale removal, thru-tubing plug setting, horizontal logging and other complex well applications.

The work history and integrity of each coiled tubing work string is continuously monitored and updated using an electronic data acquisition system coupled with real-time modelling and fatigue software. Our engineers continually implement the latest advances and developments in coiled tubing applications, equipment and technology.

Oil Services

Stimulation & Pumping

Matrix stimulation services are provided in all our operations, utilising modern technology and state-of-the-art equipment:

  • Acidizing horizontal and vertical wells.
  • Cleaning jobs.
  • Releasing stuck pipes during drilling.
  • Pressure testing oil and gas wells.
  • Inhibition jobs on gas wells.
  • Water & gas shutoff solutions.

Nitrogen Services

We offer complete nitrogen service packages to our clients. We have a world-class nitrogen fleet comprising of some of the most technically advanced equipment and applications in the industry. We provide low, intermediate and high-rate units. Our operational capabilities range from stand-alone nitrogen services, such as freeing stuck drill pipes and unloading or cleaning out wellbores, to supplying our coiled tubing, stimulation and cementing services with the essential gaseous components necessary for positive results in various applications.


We have over 39 years of experience in primary and remedial cementing services across the Middle East & South America. As new technologies and techniques become routine, operators are demanding new approaches to well cementing. Exploring high pressure, high temperature, deep gas potentials and having to comply with stringent environmental regulations drives the need to continuously improve cementing systems and equipment designs.

Drilling and Completion Fluids

We provide drilling fluid systems and related technologies to the oil and gas industry in accordance with international standards and regulations for both onshore and offshore projects.

Our provisions include all type of projects such as development drilling, exploration drilling and HPHT drilling (high pressure high temperature wells).

Fishing and Downhole Tools

We provide the most innovative and reliable drilling tools and machine shop services for conventional and unconventional drilling applications.

Our manufacturing capabilities include manufacturing flanges, subs, pup joints, pony drill collars and all types of cross overs. We also have the provision of threading and repair services for the oil and gas industry including the re-cutting of tubing and casing, repair of drilling and production tubular and well heads.

Water & Production Assurance

Water management in the oil and gas industry has proven a top concern among drillers and environmentalists alike. Well-owners are concerned with maximizing profits, while communities focus their efforts on public safety and water resource management. With water at the forefront of so many conversations, the right way to address the issue is to enact a smart water management strategy – a strategy with water recycling at its core.

Pipelines & Industrial Services

We are recognized as an innovative and high-quality solutions and services provider to the downstream and midstream oil & gas and petrochemical industries. These services can be provided during pre-commissioning and commissioning of new facilities or during turnaround maintenance of existing facilities. We employ innovative technologies and the highest safety and quality standards for pipeline services.

Artificial Lift Services

We are a full-service provider of sucker rod pumping (SRP) and electric submersible pump (ESP) systems and associated field services. We provide all the tools, equipment, cables and supporting equipment ensuring outstanding lifetime solution for the production wells.

Slickline Services

We offer a wide range of technology for lowering equipment or measuring devices into wells using Slickline and Digital Slickline to enable well intervention and reservoir evaluation. Our experienced teams have extensive oil field expertise from well environments around the globe. Through tight collaboration with our customers we make sure production targets are achieved and retained for the life of the well.

Wireline Services

Our E-Line services are deployed from our multi-functional equipment as part of our complete wireline services offering. With a fleet including uni-split and multi-split units and associated pressure control, rig-up and tooling packages we are able to undertake the full range of E-Line services in any environment. We provide a full range of services and tools for real-time production logging (PLT), well integrity logging (MFC), and well monitoring.

Wellhead Maintenance Services

State of the art fleet of wellhead maintenance equipment provides Xmas tree valve greasing and valve pressure testing, Annulus valve greasing and valve pressure testing, Annulus integrity monitoring, Hanger seal/pack-off testing, Gate valve and actuator repairs, Echo meter liquid level detection, Surface-controlled subsurface safety valve wash(SCSSSV), SCSSSV inflow test and function test.

Production Chemicals

We provide a strong portfolio of production assurance chemicals to ensure that hydrocarbon production from specific reservoirs meet the desired production targets. This is achieved through strong collaboration with chemical companies and research centers with field practice and in-house technical team of engineers and laboratory capabilities.


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